Start a biotech company

and impact the world

We are the largest science based company builder in LATAM, with 36 disruptive startups created and invested in.

We gather business entrepreneurs with scientists with incredible projects, we help them transform these scientific projects into disruptive startups and we are their first investors, contributing up to USD 1.7 million in several rounds.

If you are looking to create an amazing startup, with a positive impact on the planet and people, then you are looking for GRIDX and we are looking for you too.


how to apply?

Start with our
ceo challenge

Try being the CEO of a real startup for 48 hours!

To find the best business entrepreneurs in LATAM, we created the CEO Challenge, which will allow you to try for 48 hours what it's like to be a GRIDX Startup's CEO.
Get into the scientific world, show us your skills and your enthusiasm for starting a biotech startup, and enter our IGNITE program to start your own company with scientists.

The Challenge:
- You will replace the CEO of one of our portfolio startups.
- You'll have to work with scientific cofounders, analyzing the technology and strategy.
- You'll have 48 hours to design a startup and pitch it to GRIDX investment team.

Apply Here

Please complete this form to tell us about you (in Spanish, Portuguese or English):

What are the dates and deadlines?

- The CEO Challenge kick-off date will be scheduled with each participant. It'll finish 48 hours later.
- Our IGNITE 2022 program will start on May 17th.
- The sooner you apply, the better!

Do I need to have prior knowledge of biotechnology?

No. You need to have a background in business.
You'll learn about biotechnology and venture capital when you create your startup with scientists.

How can I prepare for the CEO Challenge and IGNITE program?

We've just launched GRIDX Academy, our place to prepare with the fundamentals of science-based startups.
Go to

Can I know the IGNITE 2022 scientific teams and projects?

Not yet, because they are also in the selection process for IGNITE 2022

I'm not sure if I'm ready to start a company

If you aren't sure, then you probably aren't ready.
We suggest to start by GRIDX Academy, our place to understand the fundamentals of science-based startups.
With GRIDX Academy you'll have a better view of what it means to start a company.
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