Maria Renner



Partner & CSO

Who is María?

She holds an MSc in Biology from the University of Buenos Aires. She is PhD in Neuroscience from the University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands, where she lived from 2011 to 2015. During this period, not only she published in high impact journals as part of her PhD, but she also got in contact with The Netherlands’ highly developed cul ture of technology transfer. Inspired and motivated by initiatives like ACE Venture Lab incubator (which promotes science and tech based startups) she decided to combine her expertise in science with her desire to make a lasting impact in society by workin g in the growing field of science based startups in Argentina.
The Scientific Director is responsible for generating the total deal flow of scientific projects. To this effect, she must develop and consolidate relations with the different institutions that could be a project source. She is also in charge of carrying out the first filter process of the coming projects, evaluating the scientific quality and the potential for development of each scientific team. Together with the IGNITE Director, she participates in the team building process, generating the necessary confidence enthusiasm in the scientists for them to start participating in a complex and sophisticated process such as the creation of a company.

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