Matias Peire



Co-Founder & CEO

Who is Matías?

He has more than 18 years of experience in the creation, management and exit of high tech companies. In 2013 he began a research process to develop a model that links science with the productive world. After three years, he founded GRIDX. He has a degree in Business Administration and a Master in Finance. In 2015, he participated in the executive program of Singularity University.
After 15 years founding tech startups, He decided to find a way to connect science and business. He dedicated 3 years to understand both venture capital and the scientific ecosystem in LATAM, and from that he co founded GRIDX in 2016.
As Cofounder and CEO of GRIDX, Matias Peire leads the strategy and the fundraising. He is also the visible face of GRIDX and responsible for developing national and international alliances. The vision of GRIDX is to be a world reference in the creation an d investment of science based companies. It is with this vision he guides the company's strategy.

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